Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Mold Growth After Water Damage in Pasadena, CA

SERVPRO of Pasadena North was initially called by a customer in Pasadena, CA to take care of a water damage that was caused by a broken pipe in the Bathroom and... READ MORE

Let Us Professionals Handle Your Mold Problem

When water is left sitting in drywall, wood flooring, cabinets, etc..., after a period of time it turns into mold. That’s exactly what happened in this si... READ MORE

Mold Remediation

This is a mold remediation, we performed in a home in Arcadia, CA. The cause of loss comes from the piping underneath the sink. The water then made its way thro... READ MORE

We Do Sewage Clean-up

A customer complained of a musky odor that was coming from inside of their office. The customer had a hunch that it may be mold. Unfortunately, they were right.... READ MORE

Mold Isn't Always Visible

Mold can be tricky to see at times. It can be hidden in places that you would never think of. You would be surprised at how many times we find mold at our job ... READ MORE

Process of Mold Remediation

The school district in our area was worried about a water bubble on the ceiling, so they did the right thing and called SERVPRO of Pasadena North. Upon arrival ... READ MORE