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Biohazard Testimonials

We never knew we had a problem until one day we noticed our ceiling turning into an orange color tone. My first thought was that it might be mold, maybe I had a pipe up there leaking, there was also a nasty odor. That was when I called SERVPRO, I spoke to Kathy who was so nice and helpful. 

After our workers checked the attic and noticed it was not mold or water damage, but actually 2-4 dead opossums. We don't know how they got up there but they were stuck with no way to get out! SERVPRO then took the proper steps to clean and restore the roof panels that were damaged from the feces and nasty odors.

Thank you SERVPRO.

I oversee the maintenance at a hotel in downtown Pasadena and we had to 'condemn' a room due to a bio hazard situation. I called Tony Martin to come to handle it, and he did. He worked with me and his contractors and the room was bare bones in no time! They disposed of the contaminated furniture properly and were totally upfront on billing when a 2-day task only ended up being a few hours. Tony Martin is now my go-to guy if any disasters go down.

We were very satisfied with the work of SERVPRO. Once State Farm told us to call them, their crew came in and took control of the situation. When something like this happens and you truly don't know what to do, it helps having a team of people like the ones at SERVPRO!

Thank you SERVPRO for providing sanitizing and clean up at my house. Our dog had  passed away in our home and a friend pointed us to SERVPRO Pasadena , they came  & clean up the mess and sanitize the house.  I never knew they service bio-hazard clean up . Great job.